History of Rasa Utara

A product of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s aspiration, Rasa Utara was established in November 1984 with the aim of highlighting the beauty of Northern Malaysian cuisine. As a true-born son of Kedah, the state which is fondly referred to as the rice bowl of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir saw the potential and uniqueness in the tastes of the North, and forged ahead with his dream of expanding the delights of Northern cuisine to the rest of Malaysia.

Ever since, Rasa Utara has been committed to offering its customers only the best, and has undergone a rebranding and repositioning exercise to keep itself up-to-date with the times, which lead to the re-launching of a brand synonymous with the Malaysian concept of makan time. With a new image and direction, Rasa Utara seeks to capture the attention of modern Malaysia, by continuing the tradition of offering an authentic, casual dining experience, at affordable prices. By holding on to the highest standards expected of us, we seek to be an avenue where friends and family can gather to enjoy their makan time, and we hope to share this experience with as wide an audience as possible.

With the sound of laughter and smiles shared over age-old authentic Malaysian delicacies, we hope that all those who walk through the doors of Rasa Utara will enjoy a truly satisfying, heart-warming experience.