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    Welcome to our brand-spanking-new website! We are so excited to share with the world our passion for Northern Malaysian cuisine, and what better way to connect than on the inter-web! Here, you will find all the info you need – from our signature dishes, to our special promotions and also our store locations. Do have a click around, and come see what the passion is all about!

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  • Ikan Menari

    Our signature dish. Fresh water fish is delicately marinated with spices and herbs, then fried till crispy. Served separately with our signature blend of caramilised sweet soy sauce and sambal ‘nuclear’ (hot sambal) for a full and flavourful taste.

  • Burger Ayam Rendang

    Grilled boneless chicken with our signature Northern rendang sauce, with onions on toasted sesame bun. Served with tapioca chips.

  • Nasi Lemak Sotong Sambal Petai

    Coconut milk rice served with eggs, peanuts, fried anchovy, sambal and sotong sambal petai.

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    Kitchen's Insight
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